Aiding the “Home of Peace”

Ikhaya Loxolo means home of peace – in the language isiXhos, one of the languages people in South Africa speak. It is the name of an organic farm for disabled people who live and work there together. The community was built in 2004 by two German educators and four South Africans in a very rural and isolated area, namely the Eastern Cape region (formerly known as Transkei). The region has a very little degree of development, from which particularly disabled people suffer. On the farm, vegetables are grown and several working animals are held. Surpluses are sold on local market places. In addition, helpers are educated to be able to supply the farm and its inhabitants. By doing so, Ikhaya Loxolo contributes to the supply of the local population and creates jobs.

BMR Business Means Responsibility has been supporting this project since 2012. Alexandra Günther says about us in her annual statement of accounts: “With the generous support of BMR Business Means Responsibility from Germany we could continue working on our land. We bought and installed a 5000 liter water container and an irrigation system. Moreover, a traditional rondavel was built, mainly for the night watch man.”