Trade, and you bear responsibility.

The idea to establish a charitable foundation rose out of the consciousness that we as a company are not only responsible for our business, our clients and our employees. We are, however, also responsible for our environment, human beings and animals, which is why we called our foundation “Business Means Responsibility”. Keeping that in mind, we want to set up self-contained charitable projects and/or to support other projects.

Our foundation, however, shall not only be burdened by the Kitzinger family and their enterprises, but by lots of friends, partners and companies who share the same idea. The foundation shall become a network of enterprise owners who agree with the idea of giving more regularly than just once and have the desire to support aid programs and projects permanently and precisely through BMR. Find more on this topic in §2 of our foundation statutes.

We want to provide 100% of donations and contributions to the supported charitable projects. We make a point of causing as few costs as possible, which might reduce the foundation´s benefit. That is why we undertake all administrative and managing tasks related to the foundation voluntarily.